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Price List

Below you will find the current price list for Pacific International Academy, including tuition, fees, and estimated additional costs. Please see the Terms and Conditions page for information on PIA’s refund policy.

Price List 2021-2022

Grammar: $750 per term
Reading: $750 per term
Writing: $750 per term
Speaking & Listening: $750 per term
Total: $3,000 per term
Service Learning Tuition: $520 per term
Service Learning Placement Fee: $900 per term
Community Service Tuition: $400 per term
Community Service Placement Fee: $350 per term
ESL Test Preparation (20 hours): $300 per term
Private Tutoring: $50 per hour
Housing Fees
Homestay Placement*: $350 one time
Host Family Room & Board: $225 per week
Host Family Room & Board: $32.14 per night
Apartment Placement: $350 one time
Student Fees
Application Fee*: $75 one time
Regular Shipping: $50 per shipment
Express Shipping: $75 per shipment
Airport Transfer: $75 per trip
Estimated Other Costs
Health Insurance**: ~$120 per month
Textbooks**: ~$200 per term

*Non-refundable fee
**Not paid to PIA