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Weather and Environment

weather and environment PortlandVisitors are often curious about the weather and environment in Portland! Portland has four seasons, but none of them are extreme.

  • Spring starts in March and ends around June. It is a beautiful time of year in Portland. We have more flowers blooming than any other time of year, and temperatures rise to 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (15-20 Celsius). The rain continues through spring, but it is mostly light rain. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is an incredible place to visit in the spring.
  • Summer starts around June and ends in September. It is the best time of the year! The average temperature is around 80 F (27 C), and there is modest humidity, often 50 – 60%. We have a few days when the temperature goes over 100 F (38 C), but these are rare. The evenings are long, and it usually does not get dark until 10 p.m. Also, the evenings are nice and comfortable enough to enjoy outdoor activities under the stars.
  • weather and environment mount hoodFall usually starts in October. The temperature drops to around 65 F (18 C) during daytime, and the evenings are around 45 F (8 C). Although we have more rainy and cloudy days, it’s still a good idea to go outside and see the spectacular fall leaf colors.
  • Winter starts in December and usually lasts until March. The average temperature is around 47 F (8 C) during daytime. It may get below freezing some days. The rain continues throughout winter, and we occasionally have snow or ice. It rarely snows heavily in Portland. If it snows, it is usually a light covering of 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) that melts away the next afternoon.